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how to cleanse your body

how to cleanse your body?

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Toxins that enter our body can be very harmful, and affect organs like lungs, kidneys, liver and heart; therefore it is very important detoxic to detoxify the body.

How should we eat?

Power – this is the most effective way to debug the body, because the natural properties of some products will help to remove toxins. For example, in your daily diet may include:

1.- Green tea: This drink is rich in flavonoids and antioxidants that contribute to liver activity and help detoxify the body.

2.- Plant feed products: green leaves are large and have a large amount of antioxidants. You can eat Cress, lettuce, spinach and others.

3.- Lemon: just add a few drops of lemon to a glass of water enough to detoxify the body, because it improves digestion and strengthens the natural.

4.- Garlic: It is a diuretic, expectorant and stimulant that works against free radicals. It has anti-inflammatory, gastrointestinal and vasodilatadoras.

5.- Fruits: This product contains vitamins, minerals, fiber, water and antioxidants that stimulate the debugging of toxins, because they help to improve the work of the digestive system.

What’s next?
Prime Skin Cream However, there are also other important factors to keep in mind when desintoxicarnos (and which will be discussed below), diet is the basic tool for removing toxins from the body. The liver, intestines and brain are the main conductors of our health and our detoxification efforts should be directed first at them. All three closely related and three synergistically involved in many metabolic, immunological, endocrine and neurological processes.

Of course, it’s better, custom, all this to follow a healthy, balanced diet (hipotóxica) regularly, always. Nevertheless, there is considerable confusion over what “healthy eating” means. To make a healthy diet and hipotóxica I need some confusion. First of all, regarding information, to understand that they just do the nutrients inside the body. And, second, commitment, in what to take responsibility, learn, then to deal with an actively developed individual menu tailored to the needs and capabilities of each of them.

Prime Skin Cream Meals to make step 1: hypotonic diet.
A simple fact, stick to the diet, hipotóxica is enough to get good results. However, depending on the level of income, you can strengthen this step with these offers. This means that at the same time that you will follow a hypotomic diet within a month, compleméntala with:

The cheapest option: Buliony What’s next?
For half an hour to lunch and dinner, take a broth, you will learn below. For 2.5 l of water, boil 460g artichoke, 400g celery leaves and 300g radishes. Simmer for 40). Although it is a less complicated method than it is further, the truth is that the traditional treatment is very effective, the developed healer was brought to good use by Jesus Garcia, a real “natural therapist” and a wise man.

Option page: Dietary supplements
In orthomolecular therapy – this is an option, more complicated, more expensive and, undoubtedly, is also very effective. We offer you the Nutergia Laboratorium protocol, under the direction of the famous Felipe Hernandez. This collection of vitamins, minerals, herbs and micronutrients, is cokctel the excretion of toxins that if you can afford financially, it will help significantly detoxify the body. Oh, oh, when you will follow the depurativa diet in accordance with the amounts and doses recommended by the manufacturer. This detox protocol covers the receipt of the following products within 21 days: ERGYLIXIR + ERGYSLIM + ERGYCLEAN + ERGYPAR

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