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If You Need a Hampton Bay Replacement Part or Need Your Hampton Bay Product Fixed.



If you have a Hampton Bay product such as a lighting fixture or patio furniture or maybe even some solar lights or ceiling fans then you may need to find a replacement part at some stage. Knowing the right procedure can save you alot of time and effort. We have already contacted Hampton Bay and gone through the procedure for you and we have documented a step by step procedure for you to follow. We know how annoying it can be to have that beautiful Chandelier installed only to find one of the lamps broken or to have a cozy umbrella but notice a rip in the fabric.

A few of the components that many folks find needing replacing as a result of wear, incidents or redesigning tend to be glass shades, switches, fan blades as well as remote controls. With regard to patio and garden furniture, the procedure is somewhat different, but nonetheless

Basic Steps To Acquiring Replacement Parts

1) To begin with figure out precisely what the issue is. Make sure you can easily explain it plainly as well as precisely.

2) Figure out the actual product name and also the model number and also record that prior to calling for your part. As an example: Hampton Bay Littleton 42 in. White Ceiling Fan Model # UB42S-WH-SH. This information will likely be on the original box. For those who have misplaced their box, you’ll find the UPC code on top of the actual motor covering, and in addition they definitely like to have the UPC number. If everything else fails, they’ll accept a photograph of your product to assist you to identify it.

4) I use to recommend Home Depot, I still list there number below but there have been so many issues with there service that I now recommend for repairs and replacement parts for your Hampton Bay ceiling fan or product.

5) To order ceiling fan parts, call 979-553-3260