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Combatting the Health Effects of Cold Weather

As we have watched the temperature plummet the past couple of days, it’s clear that cold weather is here and it’s relentless. During this time, people are most susceptible to catching a cold or, even worse, the flu. Many negative health effects occur because of the colder weather, but there are certainly things you can do to combat them!

1. Practice cleanliness and good hygiene: Make sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds in warm water so you can get rid of any excess bacteria that you may have picked up. Carrying a pocket-sized container of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer is also useful when soap and water are not readily available.

2. Dress for the conditions: This should be common sense, but there are still individuals who do not dress appropriately for the cold, and it’s no wonder that they end up sick. Dressing with warm clothes or in layers reduces the stress put on your body in order to keep you warm.

3. Stay fit year-round: Just because it’s gets cold and you can’t continue exercising outside doesn’t mean that you have to stop exercising completely. There’s always the local gym, or you can do a workout in your own home. Whatever the case, make sure you keep moving! Don’t stop because the weather is colder.

4. Engage in conversation: If you’re feeling depressed due to seasonal depression or just because of the weather make sure you talk to someone. Talking will help you get all the emotions out and will make you feel better!

5. Get outside when you can: Once you’re appropriately dressed, being outside can increase your vitamin D levels, and nature can reduce stress, which will improve your overall psychological well-being.

6. Take it easy: The winter season and Christmas season can be a stressful time of year, but take it easy and make sure you get a chance to enjoy every moment. Whether you’re with family or friends for the holiday season, make sure you enjoy it!

Article gathered from Fox News.

The Latest Cure For the Flu: Hugs!

A recent research study has found that one of the most inexpensive combatants against the flu isn’t something you find in an inoculation. In fact, it could be as simple as daily hugs. Sound crazy? Perhaps, but there may be truth to it.

The journal Psychological Science published a finding from a study in which 400 participants were asked to report their levels of social support, if they had been hugged that day, and if they were currently involved in some sort of tension with another person. The participants were then exposed to either the cold or flu virus.

Based on the findings, of the population that exhibited symptoms of illness, those who reported higher levels of social support and hugs had less severe symptoms. Study co-author Sheldon Cohen, professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon, said this may be due to the fact that touch and positive human connection may be an effective tool to protect our bodies from stressors such as illness.

So there you have it, a hug a day can help keep the flu away!

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